Monthly Archives: December 1999

Baby bubble mouth.

Oliver grows a bubble on his lips while sleeping.

Length: 3:35 Size: 20.24MB

Peacock Lane Christmas lights

Length: 3:48 Size: 29.85MB

Silent Night

Johnny Cash just happened to be singing Silent Night.

Length: 1:32 Size: 13.68MB

Baby Oliver makes funny noises and silly faces.

Length: 5:50 Size: 51.89MB

Oliver’s first bath.

Oliver wasn’t very happy about his first bath. I can’t blame him, though. Why did I use such a small amount of water? – Trent

Length: 6:15 Size: 55.61MB

Oliver sleeping in his swing.

Length: 0:55 Size: 6.53MB

The Conleys meet baby Oliver for the first time.

A few days after Oliver was born, the Conleys came for a visit.

Length: 5:41 Size: 47.14MB