Oliver plays “King Midas” in his second grade play.

On February 5, 2008 Oliver starred in his school’s production of “King Midas.” We were so excited and, to tell the truth, a little nervous but he did a fantastic job. When we first heard that he was going to be in the school play we were a little concerned thinking that he might not be able to handle the pressure. But, Oliver surprised us when we first went over the script at home he knew all of his lines as well as everyone else’s! Of course they had already been rehearsing at school and by the time the script came home he had it down. We worked a little on the speed – he was initially speaking way too fast – but other than that he was totally confident.

Below is a video that I put together using footage I took using our old VHS-C camcorder and video that Jen captured using our digital camera. It turned out pretty good, and to make it fun for Oliver I added a Star Wars type intro and rolling credits at the end. He loved it! I also added subtitles here and there where it’s difficult to make out what some of the actors are saying.

The King hanging out before the play.

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