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At the Cinco de Mayo carnival downtown.

Jen and Oliver met me downtown tonight after work for the Cinco de Mayo carnival. It was your typical carnival experience – greasy food, wild rides and high prices but Oliver had a great time. He went on a few rides (most of them cost 7 tickets these days) but his excitement and joy made it all worth it.

The trip through the haunted house wasn’t all that enjoyable for him and he rode with his head between his legs the whole time, but the fact that he wanted to do it was promising. He got the most bang for his buck in the (6-ticket) kid play area which was a small cage with a tiny ball room, slide and punching bag things. They didn’t seem to monitor how long kids stayed in there so he hung out and did his thing for at least 15 or 20 minutes.

We topped the night off with a ride on the Ferris wheel. Oliver’s head almost exploded with excitement when they stopped the wheel with us at the top. Yay!

Oliver at the top of the Ferris wheel.

We didn’t have the camera, but luckily were able to snap a few pics and videos using our cell phones. Check them out in the gallery. I’ll post video soon.

Oliver’s folding dollar magic trick.

I had seen a few YouTube videos of people doing this magic trick, and of course there are other YouTube videos showing how it is done. I thought it would be fun to show Oliver how to do it and then video tape it so he could see how magical it really is.

He did pretty well, all things considered. Unfortunately, a little while after this video was taken he snuck off and tried to prepare another bill for the trick and couldn’t do it. In true Oliver fashion he got angry and vowed never to do magic ever again. We’ll just see about that…

Length: 1:25 Size: 6.75MB

Fun fact: This was actually a $20 bill. I didn’t have any ones. Not that we’re rich or anything.
Extra fun fact: This was taped in our basement only days before one of our Halloween parties.  That’s why there are decorations behind Oliver.

Peacock Lane Christmas lights

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