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Car Crash! (A movie by Oliver and Mara)

Oliver and Mara put together this little movie about a car crash and edited it on our old-school eMac using iMovie 4.  Enjoy!

Length: 1:25 Size: 4.34MB

Download the QuickTime version.

Going sledding!

Thanks to the crazy amount of snow that’s been falling in the last few days, we’ve been able to have some fun.  Today after a call from Amy, Oliver and I went to a local school that has the perfect sledding hill large enough for dozens of sledders all at once.  We met up with Mitch, Jessica, Amy, Christian, Elliot and Christian’s cousin for some wild XTREME sledding!  Check out the video.  Oh, and I took a few pictures which are available in Oliver’s image gallery.

Length: 6:47 Size: 25.05MB

Oliver and Sullivan and The Organic Farm of Danger!

Length: 4:51 Size: 23.01MB

Oliver the docent.

Here’s a quick video of Oliver performing his docent duties. He worked for half an hour, 7:25-7:55. People were very charmed by his acting out of the movements. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it.

Length: 0:51 Size: 4.06MB

Soda can bug project.

Jacob and Oliver in “Funny Hands”

Jen could tell that Jacob and Oliver were feeling the need to perform, so she showed them how to do the infamous “funny hands” skit. Check it out. There was much more of this, but I couldn’t bring myself to jump up and find the camera for fear that I would miss some of the hilarity. I managed to grab it just before the fun ended.

Super Lego Mario 1

Oliver and I spent a few hours working on this today. We took 160 pictures and Oliver was the director and moved all of the Legos around all by himself.

Lego Super Mario Bros.

This is a test run for a Lego stop-motion Mario Bros. animation that Oliver and I will be working on tomorrow. He’s really exited and has been coming up with lots of great ideas. We’ll shoot the real thing using a tri-pod and decent lighting, so this was a trial run to get an idea of how it might work.